Tuesday, April 17, 2007


JBelle learned to say her alphabet in the last two weeks. She doesn't actually know the right letters after S, she skips right to YZ and gets stuck in a repeat of "QRS...YZ...QRS...YZ". She also drags out her E and her H in a really high voice. If I could upload my cell phone videos, I would.

The enormity of my move hit me when we went to go get her this weekend. I was spinning her around in her mom's living room, and after each turn she'd grab onto my neck and say "I'm ready" before I'd spin her again. She's turning into a little girl who loves to play games with me. I sing her songs on the way back home. I sit in the back seat with her! Leaving my other family members will be hard, but leaving her is going to kill my heart until I come back to her again. I'll never understand how a parent could leave their child.

DD is flying out to drive back with me. We're leaving on the 16th of June, making the nineteen hour drive over the weekend so she can get back to work on Monday. We're really looking forward to the drive through Nebraska. Anna the Nano is going to get some good play time. I can't even fathom all the work that needs to be done before I move. I think I'm actually suppressing the things I need to consider because I'm starting to get my little stress bumps on my back and arm. When the one on my face shows up, I know I'm internalizing my stress. I rarely realize when I am stressed, I think it's part of how I deal with stress. Just ignore it!

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Duncan Donuts said...

ha ha ha. I forgot that I named my iPod. I'm a nutcase.

Can't wait until you're back in the O-H-I-O! We will go shopping for some Buckeyes attire so you blend in with the crowd. Just walk down the street yelling "O-H!!" and people will think you're a native.