Thursday, April 26, 2007

Hunty Boy Turns Two! Part One-The First Year

Hunter turned two yesterday, he was born April 25th, 2005. He was seven weeks old when I got him, so that makes it the first week of June that I got him. He had a huge litter, and one of every color. The runt was black, and so cute. Hunter had very distinctive markings on his face and chest. His other Chocolate brother was very heavy. Also, I paid WAY too much for him because he is unpapered, but purebred. Maybe. My vet seems to think that since he has such light markings that he could be part Lab, part something else because dogs can have two daddies. His mother was such a tramp.

This was the second day I had him. He was so tiny. See his light eyebrows and band on his chest. They are still there, and they get blond in the summer time!

I love this picture because he has green eyes. That bowl he's sitting in? Months later became his food bowl. It also gave him pimples! -

This means he has good hips. It also makes him look like a frog and I like that!

Here we are, establishing dominancy. Bad dog owner, Jess.

Here we are having fun on the porch after work. I always rushed home to be with him, I felt so bad leaving him alone in the bathroom, and I was so glad when he was big enough to stay outside with the girls.

He's only four months in this picture. He just keeps getting bigger.


Annushka said...

do you remember the day he started to make dinosaur noises? did he sound like a baby velosa raptor at one point, or has he always had a manly voice?

The Hunter's Prize said...

Don't forget the warts too!