Friday, April 25, 2008

Baby Wiggles

I spend quite a lot of time yesterday on my fake couch*, chatting online with a friend I have spoken to in YEARS (not quite but honestly. So long.) and in the evening, as I dragged my butt off the couch for dinner and dishes, I realize that baby did not move much all day long. So I told CS as he got into the shower, he was quite un-concerned. However, I was a little more worried. So when my mom called, I casually mentioned it to her. She said "really? It should be moving a lot." But then she covered for herself by trying to tell me that I might just not notice it much yet and the heartbeat was strong last week so it's fine, really. It's fine. So I settled myself back onto the fake couch but this time in a position that allowed my stomach some breathing room and it was like fireworks went off in my baby belly. SO MUCH KICKING. And when the kicking slowed down, I rolled over to the other side for even more kicking. This lasted a good twenty minutes and a time or two, I was able to feel the kicks with my hand. Of course, CS missed out on all of this because he was in the shower. After he got out and I gleefully announced that baby was moving like crazy, Baby decided not to kick anymore.

Baby Wiggles has been quite busy today. And maybe tonight CS will get to feel it too. You know, if he takes a shorter shower or something.

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