Thursday, April 24, 2008

Dear DD

Maybe you think I've left your comfy couches and Anthropologie decorated bed (that sounds dirty, huh?) and forgotten all about that lovely little surprise you planned for me since I've been so busy with family visits, editing newsprint, and unpacking boxes o'junk. But I haven't! Thank you. Even though I'm easily brought to tears (hormones), I was so overwhelmed with what you put together for me. And even more grateful for your brilliant planning on blaming everything on Baby. I had no hopes of having a baby shower with all my Ohio friends because I felt selfish and focused on myself for trying to come see friends and then demand they bring presents for my out of wedlock child. So thanks for taking all those feelings away from me! But NO thanks for feeding me nasty, nasty Mac and Cheese baby food. Thank goodness for that chocolate cake. Your mom really came through with that one. Mmm, cake.

I'm really at a loss here. I know you're almost done with law school and I can't tell you how proud I am of you for getting through one of the hardest programs in education. You've gone from being an studious college student who rarely came out drinking with me to a well-balanced wine drinking partner in crime. I promise that the wine drinking days are not gone, and we will have a trip to the East Coast cities. I know you'll be a fantastic lawyer, as you've already shown me with your mad skills in finding out landlord/tenant laws when my landlords decided to be huge jerks. And to hear you talk about the incapable people in HP customer service, I have no doubt you can hold your own in a courtroom. One of those courtrooms with a real judge and maybe a jury! I really don't know what kind of law you'll be doing. I don't think a jury will be present. But you go, girl.

As crazy as our lives are going to be, with a baby on one side and crazy law hours on the other, I am confident that we can find plenty of time to engage in a few bottles of wine and maybe another hookah bar if we want to get crazy.

There, does that make you feel like Senior Wills/Poem Book time all over again? Good, I sure hope so.

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Duncan Donuts said...

I love you the most. Also, don't people have children for three main reasons:
(1) To have someone put them in a really kick ass nursing home when they get old
(2) To have someone to mow the lawn
(3) To have someone to blame when inappropriate things are said?

I know #3 is my motivating factor. And let's face it, yard work is no fun.

You deserve the best. I hope you had a great time in Ohio, and I promise to visit whatever state you are in once I start getting a paycheck!