Sunday, April 20, 2008

Come On Over, I'll Put The Kettle On.

I'm back from Ohio. Obviously. I've been back for almost a week actually but things have been a bit busy since I flew into Phoenix. The following morning I had an appointment with the OBGYN office, but all they did was measure my stomach and tell me not to have sex. (Actually, the NP told me that even orgasm can lead to bleeding. Point taken. And probably ignored.) After that lovely visit, I rushed back to Globe to pack up the trailer so we could move into our new house! A new house that would have no electric until the next morning and no gas until Friday morning. I also stopped into the newspaper to see if she had gotten my email about reference email addresses (no.) and see if I still had a job (yes.). CS and I moved into the house after he got off work and we spent the evening playing Phase 10 by candlelight at the kitchen table. I won nine rounds.

The next morning we waited around for the electric guy to come and turn on the power. He came around noon, just before CS's parents showed up for the weekend. They decided to stay with us even though we wouldn't be getting hot water until the next morning. They also brought the extra bed CS had sitting in his storage unit back in CO and his very orange, rusty new boat. The house has furniture in it so we didn't have to scramble to rent something until we can afford to buy our own. We spend the evening at the house and the next morning, CS and his dad left to visit the mine while his mom and I took Hunter for a walk. When we returned, we found a note on the door from the gas man. He had been by the house at 8:15. We showed up at 8:25. They would not send him back because I had told the company that I would be at the house between these times and I was not so I had to wait until the next day for service to be turned on. Except it was Friday and no one came out until Monday. Under no circumstances could we get them to dispatch him back. I even called him on his cell phone and begged him to come out, since he'd called me when I wasn't at the house. No luck. So we're on day four of living with no hot water. Do you know how much fun it is to shower with a bowl of microwaved water? I don't recommend it. In fact, I am wishing for one of those old-fashioned metal tubs I could fill with a mixture of tap water and stove boiled water to complete the rustic atmosphere we've got going on here.

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