Friday, April 04, 2008


I have a sneaking suspicion that the baby is not a girl. But rather a BOY. I'm not sure if this stems from CS's refusal to refer to the baby as "him" (like our last conversation about how he "doesn't know why my boy won't kick you") or if it's just a feeling. I don't know if a girl would feel different to me, or if I can even feel anything at all. I'm semi-hoping that this feeling of BOY will turn out to be a huge surprise when I deliver said child and find out it's been a girl, a sneaky tricky little girl. So like a girl to turn a trick like that, no?

I want a girl because I have no idea what to do with little boys. I see them around and they are always running someplace they shouldn't be, testing the boundaries to see what happens, or causing mayhem. Little girls are so much more timid. They want to play Pet Shop and Barbie. Sure, they want to be chased down the hall occasionally or spin in circles until my arms are too tired. But they seem so easy. (Easy is a relative term here, OK people?) Boys don't want cute hair bows or to wear dresses. They want to play cars and rub dirt in it. (The wounds, I mean. If I can listen to CS about that kind of thing.) Besides, if I have a boy then CS is going to make his all macho and wrestle other little boys when he's five. Other the other hand, a girl, I get to to take to dance classes and fix her hair in the mornings. Of course, this will all terribly backfire on me if I have a girl because she will be a total Daddy's Girl and want to play sports and fish.

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Duncan Donuts said...

Keep in mind that there is the downside of wanting to lock your daughter up when she turns 16 so she can't date that creepy guy who has been eyeing her.

But I'm sure you'll be a great mom, no matter what!!