Monday, April 07, 2008

Have You Packed Yet?

No, I have not packed yet. I haven't even dragged my suitcase out from the storage space in the trailer. I got travel toiletries from the Hotel Scottsdale (Rusk. Squee!) when I stayed with Audrey on her business trip last night. I feel that's progress. DD called to make sure I'm still coming, although I don't know why she would think otherwise. Even if the weather forecast is predicting typical Ohio weather of doom and gloom when I am quite happy in my dress wearing, 75 degree, sunshine all the time weather. Except for the fact that I am so looking forward to getting out of this RV box and seeing my friends! And making my friends pick out maternity clothing. That's the real reason I'm going. Ohio-Shopping Mecca of the Midwest.

I was supposed to get my rental forms signed today but the Realty Lady made a mistake and put us down for tomorrow. This is not possible because I am leaving tomorrow morning at 8 AM. This means CS has to go sign the papers tomorrow and I can sign when I get back. However, this stresses me out because I like to know that everything is settled before I run across the country on a shopping spree. Maybe they can put me on speakerphone.

I'm also terribly worried about Hunter. He doesn't like it when I leave and he knows that's what happens when I pull that suitcase out. I know I spend the majority of the day with him and he sleeps about ninety percent of the time. But I also walk him for thirty minutes in the morning and occasional trips to da River! I made sure he goes out to pee a few times a day and we have kissy time when he's being sweet and not sassy. I feel bad leaving him here when he will have to stay inside from 5:30 AM until CS gets home at 5 PM. My poor preshuss babykins. This is why I'm leaving him with a new stuffed cow.

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