Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Nap? Chocolate? Ice Cream?

Afternoon hits me with the desire to take a little nap. I used to take twenty minute naps, just quick little snoozes. I'd wake up a bit groggy and need a few minutes to adjust but then ready to go. Now I fall asleep and drop off for about forty five minutes and need fifteen to get back to normal. I try to just avoid the whole thing in general. I should really get out of the trailer during this time but it's hot outside and I'm not ready to go grocery shopping.

Do you know how sick I am of the same foods over and over? I'm tired of spaghetti, steak, baked potatoes, and the occasional pork chop. It's frustrating living in the RV because I have no space for mixing multiple things up, nor do I want to cook in the oven. I'm also blaming a portion of this food aversion on CS. Because while he could eat fast food hamburgers for days on end, he doesn't consider it a meal unless it has a meat, starch, and vegetable. I, on the other hand, would like to have vegetarian meals once in a while. I read a couple of food blogs and I'm always wanting to try something new but might not because someone in the house won't like it. And then I make a semi-terrible meal of chinese noodles, water chestnuts, bamboo, mushrooms, and shrimp and he eats three bowls of it. It needed green onions and sweet peas, do I didn't eat much. I was just craving some chinese food and shrimp. Maybe CS had sympathy cravings. I'll only get worried if he puts on sympathy weight. Since I haven't been doing too much of that on my own.

Got any good craving recipes?

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