Thursday, April 03, 2008

Closet Edition

Let me just tell you what I can wear right now.


Almost. Since we've moved here to this little RV, I put most of my clothes away in storage until we get a place with a closet and maybe some drawers from Ikea. I kept a few items but you look into my closet right now and you will see:

9 Dresses- One doesn't fit anymore. Not over my stomach but over my boobs.
1 Pair Capri Pants- Getting tighter by the day. Also, plaid.
2 Pairs Gaucho Pants- One is too ratty to wear unless on a road trip.
1 Pair Maternity Jeans- Actually in the laundry basket because Hunt got gross poo of a wild animal on them at the river.
15 Shirts- Almost none of them I like to wear and about 5 of them I don't fit into without looking like a muffin top in stretch pants.

Even my work out pants are beginning to fail me. I need new underwear. And sports bras to grow into.

To top it all off, I'm going to Ohio in a few days and none of my pretty, pretty dresses are appropriate there because it's still in the 50's during the day and I'm well into the 70's here in Arizona. I figure I have about two days of clothing in Columbus before a trip to Gap Maternity is in order. Luckily, I'm going to be staying with DD and she's all over that. She'd probably like to to wear my too tight clothing, such is her obsession with the baby belly. And that's why I love her.

1 comment:

Duncan Donuts said...

Hell yes I want you in a tight shirt. I am going to yell at Joey until Joey kicks and I can feel it.

And then I'll buy you a cute little shirt or something. Just so you don't complain.

Can't wait to see you!