Wednesday, April 23, 2008


CS and I just had a conversation about getting rid of some of his clothing because he has bins full of shirts I have never seen him look at, much less wear. He informed me that he will be wearing them, even those fleece pajama pants I found months ago. Because when the baby comes, he's going to start wearing pants to sleep since he doesn't want to be holding a baby while naked. I'm not quite sure what this is about because he hasn't shown that being naked is something to be ashamed of, yet he's going to change his entire sleeping routine post-baby. I was confused because does this mean he will never be naked in the presence of the baby? I certainly intend to shower with my child and I'm not above sticking a sticky, dirty child in with CS while he showers. Nudity among family member is not something I am particularly ashamed of. Not to say I get buck naked in the living room while my brother is sitting on the couch, but I've certainly gotten dressed in my room with the door open. Or hopped into the shower while my mom was fixing her hair. JBelle has showered with me. I thought it was just something that happens. You have a baby, you are occasionally naked around the baby/toddler/child. I see no shame in this. Nor a desire to change my clothing habits when the baby enters the picture and/or the bed. (I'm not going for the co-sleeping thing though.) Maybe it's a little different for me because I am pushing said child out of my lady bits and plan on nourishing child with my breasts. All attempts at "covering anything up" is probably a mute point. But I certainly didn't expect CS to go all modest on me and actually wear those fleecy pants sitting in the rubbermaid for the past year. Just be naked, I'm sure I will be.

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