Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hey Momma!

"I'm fooking Lassie, Momma! I'll help you."

Hunter has taken to "helping" us shut the garage door when we go there for the trash cans. It's an old-fashioned type door that opens toward you, then up above you. So when I'm pulling it down, Hunter jumps up about halfway and pushes down. He says he's "fooking Lassie."

I love having the yard we have with him. The front yard is completely fenced in, so he can sit at the front door and watch the street before him without fear of him bolting after something. The backyard is not completely fenced in but the driveway makes it a little harder for him to run after someone on the street. There is a huge rock wall on one side that prevents him from getting to the neighbor's house and Hunt seems content to just follow CS around as he goes from the boat to the garage. Or he eats grass in the backyard. Who knows, he's weird.

I'm trying to teach him to "kiss the baby" when he comes up to me while I'm laying down on my right side in the evenings as the baby has a kick-fest. So far, he's not buying this "baby" thing. He would rather throw his stuffed crab in my face. But in the mornings, he's a little more docile and we have rare, touching moments like this:

The Beast and the Belly

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