Thursday, May 01, 2008


Things one can do when cable is not an option:

Play games. Card games. Wii games.
Read a book.
Look up baby names for little girls in polka dot dresses.
Play with the dog.
Cook something. Preferably something baked.
Work on crafty things (if the sewing machine wasn't broken).
Eat ice cream.
Watch baby kick around my stomach after ice cream.
Clean out office room.
Have long conversations about Big Serious Things.

Watch YouTube videos all evening long.
Go to sleep at 8 PM.

I guess I can cut him some slack. He did spend all of dinner talking to me and he went to the grocery store. Oh, and he works all day long in the wind and the heat. I however, am completely capable of an entire evening spend away from the TV. I can go weeks and weeks and still not miss it much. Or maybe men are just more addicted to the Boob Tube.

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