Sunday, May 25, 2008

Hoping That It Was A Leaf, Or Maybe An Odd Shaped Stick

One thing about living here in Globe is that there are a lot of rock walls. The area we live in is quite hilly, even our yard slopes steeply on one side and the yard itself is surrounded my a nice rock work wall. The driveway is closed off by such a wall, as well. In the wall are little circular holes, I assume for drainage in case a flood happens. This morning, CS and I were standing in the kitchen, with the door to the outside wide open. I wanted to know if we could just skip the whole boat thing for the day and just get to the damn lake already, it's like 10 AM. And as I'm trying to convince him to put the screwdriver down, I glance out the door and see something in the little hole in the wall. "Is that a tarantula?" I ask. "Shit, yeah it is. Go get your camera."

It's still there, days later. I'm convinced it's trying to break into the house, and anytime I leave the kitchen door open, I find myself rushing to the kitchen from another room to make sure he's still in his hidey hole and not trying to massacre my toes.


Kendra said...

It may be pregnant. A soon to be mother like you.

Duncan Donuts said...


I think you should move. Spiders aren't meant to be that big. I think I saw this in a movie once.

It didn't end well.