Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Put Your Feet Up

Relax and let the men do all the work around here for you. I know in about two years, I am going to hate the fact that we've allowed thousands of dollars to be wasted on renting houses or apartments. Between lost deposits and paying for services to be turned on, renting blows. That's why I agreed to the "live in an RV" plan. I hate throwing money away. But it does come with a few perks.

Right now, I have the realty handyman in the bathroom putting down the linoleum. And the cable guy just showed up to put holes in the walls because this house DOESN'T have cable. If only the guy who needs to put the carpet down in the other bedroom could show up, we'd have a full house. However, that would entail me pulling all the bins of clothing I don't wear, rubbermaids of dishes, and a few cardboard boxes of CS's "stuff." That's just not happening right now. I simply shut the door and all that mess goes away.

I don't know what it is about living here, but I've been feeling like it's the most comfortable place to be. I think it's because the walls are painted and they left rug around. The house has tons of windows, so there is always light. I spent about an hour cleaning this morning and I feel that is was enough to get it clean. Unlike the Hobbs apartment, which always took a good three hours to make a dent. I'm sure it was because of the lack of light, the stained white walls, the hideous carpet, and the stench of stale smoke. I could not get it clean. It needed a good gutting and lots of new paint to bring life back. Here, in this pretty little house, someone took the time to properly care for the place before allowing it to be rented. I'll be damned if I allow it to become trashed while I'm living here. Even if there is a decomposing skunk carcass stuck in the fence in the back yard and the damn red-leaf tree sprouts that threaten to take over. I'll do my best to fix the dent in the wall from Hunter's tooth smashing into it as he dove for a toy. I won't let pet hair take over the carpet. I just hope the next place we live has the same qualities as this house does. It's one thing to put up with a sketchy apartment when it's two adults and a dog. Add a baby, and everything changes.

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