Saturday, May 17, 2008

25 Things

CS is playing video games (a bad day at work means he comes home and shoots people in war games) and I am simply bored looking for Lord knows what on the internet. It's not like I need to buy more crap.

25 Things (On My Way To One Hundred)

1. I don't need a TV to entertain me in the evenings or during the day. We went two weeks without it and I only missed it on nights CS took the laptop and didn't pay attention to me.

2. However, take away my internet for a normal day? LOST.

3. I don't know if I could keep moving around like this if I didn't have Hunter. He's my constant companion and best buddy on all the long days when I'm waiting for CS to come home.

4. I don't like goat cheese. I keep trying because it seems appealing but it's the same nasty taste every time.

5. I raised pigs when I was younger for 4-H. Hampshires are my favorite breed.

6. I want to be really good at yoga.

7. I'm terrified of being entirely dependent on someone else to take care of me.

8. I love the Banana cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory. I love it so much that occasionally I will order two kinds for myself so I don't miss out on having the Banana kind.

9. I used to wear a lot of shimmery blue eyeshadow and black mascara. I quit, cold turkey, in 2000. For years, I've only worn a light tan shadow and brown mascara, unless it was a special occasion or during the time I worked at the bar. I like wearing minimal makeup because I feel it represents my true looks. If you have to wear lots of makeup to feel pretty, something is wrong.

10. I've wanted to be pregnant since I was seven or so. I used to put pillows under my shirts to look pregnant.

11. Now that I'm pregnant, it's not as glamorous as I thought it would be. I love that I look good and feel good, but it's not as magical as I thought it would be.

12. I do love feeling the baby kick though, even if it feels like an angry Squirrel is in there.

13. I wish I could pull off short hair. But my hips are too big and my head is too small. It wasn't a good look for me.

14. I may not always like my job (any job, not specifically the one I have now) but I feel incredibly guilty when I leave for vacations or appointments.

15. I'm very proud that I can eat an entire meal of lo mein noodles with chopsticks. I'm not good with rice though.

16. Despite my claim that I don't need a lot of makeup, I'm developing quite a good collection of beauty products from Sephora.

17. I think I breathe best when I'm in a high altitude. Give me 10,000 feet above sea level any day.

18. I like to make sweet, decadent recipes but I'm still working on savory dishes. I'm reluctant to indulge in spices that I might not enjoy. I'd also like to make bread, but it's still daunting at this point.

19. I used to think I was born in the wrong century. I wanted to live in my historical novels, from the 15th century to the 18th century. Nowdays, I am thankful that I was born now. We have air conditioning and fleas aren't commonplace.

20. I have cute feet except my littlest toe. It's a tab bit awkward. Someone once described it as how fish look when they die and turn over in water.

21. I used to carry around chapstick at all times. Just today, I realized I only like Rosebud lip gloss and that my only tin of that sits beside the bed. I need more chapsticks!

22. I was adamant that I would never be a teacher. I consolidated my loans when I graduated, recklessly adding my Stafford to that list because I would NEVER teach. Hear that? No Way. I would now like my teaching certificate. However, I can firmly say I only want to teach high school. Elementary wears me out, and Middle School is a lot like prison.

23. I don't like to drink milk. It hurts me.

24. I love small town life, but I could easily leave it all behind for the options in a big city. Who needs to have everyone know your name when there is a Target down the street?

25. I'm surprisingly paranoid about certain things, such as: getting my hair cut, oil changes, buying tires. I'm afraid that these specialists in their field are going to do something damaging to my things if I don't have a good reason to trust them.

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Kendra said...

Why does milk hurt you? And what are you doing for calcium for the beautiful princess j jr?