Thursday, May 29, 2008

Maybe You Aren't Stalkers?

Here's a picture of 25 weeks. I haven't taken 26 weeks yet, plus it takes a long time to load. I still hate iPhoto. I wonder if I can snatch up some program at work to put on here for photo editing. I know I saw books about CS3 just lying around in someone's cart so there must be discs somewhere!

Anyways, maybe some of you don't follow my belly postings on Facebook or MySpace, so this is for you.

Also, you can see the dog! The very tired dog who played fetch at the lake two days in a row and would really like to go to bed now. Maybe you could rub some balm into his paws, too. They are a little sore from the gravel. And check him for ticks!


Duncan Donuts said...

Are you SURE you're pregnant? Maybe it's just too much cookies and ice cream.

Or, maybe you are giving birth to a cookie monster! Haha.

Too much studying. Bad jokes by DD. My apologies.

Kendra said...

you are not that big... looks good.

Kendra said...

Hunter bark at me!