Thursday, May 22, 2008

Rainy Blah Day

Yesterday, at the end of the day, a gloomy kind of cloud settled over us and it's still here. It's actually raining, right this second. Looks like it might last more than 15 seconds. That kind of rain makes me angry. All it does is make your car dusty.

Oh, nope. Rain is over.

I'm actually ok with this gloomy day, because Monday and Tuesday were utter misery because the cooler didn't work. It needed a new float and a new pump, which luckily, my handy man was coming to fix the floor in the baby's room so he just picked those up at the hardware store. They got those suckers installed and I am now able to cool myself during days of 103 degrees. Before my options were dousing myself with water, either from the hose in the backyard or the shower. Neither of these options are good in the long run.

We even bought a portable swamp cooler from the Home Depot. It was a good idea, in theory. But all it did was pump 7 gallons of water into the air in four hours so I just felt sticky and only cool when I sat directly in front of the fan. We're taking it back. I'm sure there are other, better options for personal cooling. Except I think they cost about $500 and I'm not sure I need to spend that much when I have an entire room to fill with baby things. And I want a pool. Those are only about $200, so it's a good deal. This way, I can strip down to a bathing suit in the comfort of my own backyard. Without having to expose my prego belly to anyone. Rock walls are such a blessing!

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