Friday, November 02, 2007

Do Not Answer

Tonight, after getting back from Holidaze, I was messing around online for NaBloPoMo and my phone rang with a Colorado number. Let this be a lesson to you! Do not answer those unknown calls from state you no longer reside! Be ye not stupid. It will be ex-boyfriends who haven't called you in months!

The conversation went like this:

BB: I can't believe you left tonight without saying goodbye.
Me: Huh? Who is this?
BB: You don't know who this is?
Me: It's a Colorado number, but I live in New Mexico now. Who is this?
BB: I can't believe you don't know who I am. Are you going out tonight? Are you going downtown?
Me: Um, no I just got home. I've already been out for the night. Who is this?
BB: You don't know who this is? Huh. Maybe I'll tell you

Me: WTF?

Of course it was BB. No one else from Colorado would call me like that. He must be already drunk and he thinks that he saw me in Canon and is upset I didn't acknowledge him. I, of course, wasn't in Colorado tonight. Haven't been in a while. And even though it was a Colorado number, I had a few moments where I thought it was Channing, a guy who lives here and was out to dinner with us tonight. He would call and ask me why I left without saying goodbye (we didn't tell him goodbye) and it didn't sound like BB, so I had no idea who it was until after we hung up. But now it all makes perfect sense. That whole exchange is classic BB. And I imagine there will be another phone call soon. Which is why his new number is: Matt DNA. (Do Not Answer)

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