Saturday, November 10, 2007

Where Once Again Hunter Gets Attacked By Nature

This came in through the front door last night. CS and I were watching TV and Hunter starts making this horrid sneezing, choking noises. I lean over to see if maybe he was trying to eat a sticker that someone tracked into the house (He does that, eats prickly stickers for some reason) and I see a large bug scuttle away from him. I shriek "Ew" and then "Ah, Chris, it's a scorpion!" He finally coersed the little pincher into a ziplock so we could look it up on the internet and take it to the vet if need be. I don't think it actually stung Hunt, since his face didn't swell to comical proportions. Unlike the last two times he's gotten into a fight with an insect and LOST.

The scorpion is no longer in the house. I made CS take it with him to work since I didn't think I could convince him to kill it. And we are not letting it loose in the driveway to return to my front door. No way! Apparently, they are common here and the sting isn't terrible but I'm in no hurry to get one. They better not be able to climb stairs.

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