Friday, November 09, 2007

Where's The Wine?

I started asking for wine at 2:30 today.

It's been a long week. One thing about teaching school is that it's never the same. It always changes. One day it's PLC, the next it's 6th period. I have to deal with everything from boys who think they are too cool to shut the fuck up, to girls that think the best time to share the gossip is during an lecture, to phone calls to a mother of a son who thinks Anarchy is cool and work is for suckers. I had a snobby little brat tell me to "Hold ON, MISS. I have to tell her this." but then got the message when I unleashed on her. No, little girl. I may look like I am your age, but I'm not. I've already dealt with rich bitches who think that they run the world and can tell all the little people what to do. Sorry, I wasn't afraid of the Tri-delt blondes so you sure as fuck don't frighten me. And yes, I think the girl that decides to tell another girl that she better not be lying or she'd going to take her boots off and kick some ass is an idot. Control yourself. It's much more becoming. Also? Go out to the hall.

So, after a long week and one strawberry margarita, I'm laying in bed reading "The Time Traveler's Wife" for the third time.

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