Friday, November 16, 2007

Welcome To Romance

My love brought pink roses to me today.

And then he trimmed the stems for me because children's scissors don't cut through stalks of that size. Toothpicks, perhaps.


My week of Grades is finally over. What is it about Progress reports that cause children to finally motivate themselves to do work? The fact that they might be grounded for failing the easiest thing in the entire world? It's funny, too. how obsessed they can get about turning in work and checking their grades after. It's annoying, honestly. Do your work, check it later. No, I cannot just enter in a 90 right now and show you. Another quirky thing they do: When telling them the work they are missing, 9 times out of 10, they will say "But I did that" before you even tell them what it is they are missing. I've have whole conversations like this:

Me: You're missing a Night quiz, um...Quiz for....
Me: Um, hold on. Let me finish telling you what quiz it is.
Student: No, Miss. I took that.
Me: Well, I never got it.
Student: Maybe it's in my folder.

Riiight. Doubtful.

I don't remember learning to lie like that when I went to school.

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