Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Should I?

So I'm making a cake. A cake I cannot eat until tomorrow at noon. I'll go back and edit in the link to the cake. For now, just know that it's from Smitten Kitchen and it's on the second page and you have to go to another website to get there. The batter was HEAVENLY and then I added chocolate chips, so I can just imagine that it's amazing. Pretty simple except for the part when I had to fold in the egg whites because my spatulas are cheap and they were all bendy instead of holding up to the batter. I'm sure it's fine though, the cake has puffed up nicely.

This will be the last mid-week dessert I made until after Thanksgiving break because next week we are only there for two days and I have things to pack! We're driving home on Wednesday and that's ok. I don't really like getting in at 1 AM but it is nice the next day when you have an entire day that's not taken up by things like driving 400 miles. I'm not sure what we are doing for the actual day of Thanksgiving. My mom's hosting dinner. But so is CS's grandparents in La Hunta, Florence, and somewhere else I'm blanking on the name. On of those dinners, I am not allowed to attend because I am a girlfriend, not a wife, and the significant others are not invited. Cool, huh! I'd understand if I wasn't really, really dating CS. Like maybe he just found me the night before at the bar and decided he didn't want to face his family alone. But I'm not a Rent-A-Center girlfriend, I'm the live-in kind. The one who makes sure his bills are paid on time, and puts his money into a savings account, cooks his dinner, folds his laundry, and once I even washed his truck. Needless to say, we aren't going there for Thanksgiving Dinner.

I'm concerned about this though. Because I refuse to spend Thanksgiving away from him. We live together, our lives are combined. But just because we "aren't married" doesn't mean that it's ok for us to have seperate holidays. I don't see the point of this relationship if we aren't going to make an effort to blend our backgrounds into one. Do I want to drive 2 hours to get to another dinner? No. But do I want to spend time with both our families? Yes, of course. We'll have to make it work. And I just hope that there is a way for us to come together. It's about compromise, between CS and I, as well as with our families.

But, man, if we go to both dinners? I am going to be one stuffed chic.

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