Sunday, November 11, 2007

For The Folks Back Home

The Back Yard. I say that loosely, because it's mostly concrete except for a tiny patch in the back. In summer, there are three 5 o'clock bushes and the fence by the gate is covered with morning glories. It's the only redeeming part of the "yard".

The living room is one large space that also contains the laundry closet. My walls are mostly bare. I owe nothing large enough to cover them. These pictures make me sad, it looks as if I don't live here. It's so empty and stark.

I made CS buy that TV stand so I would no longer have to look at the Rubbermaid bin that used to act as a TV stand. The bin is still in the living room. It's underneath the window. So much for that plan.

My kitchen is divided from the living room by a center wall that houses the heat/air conditioner. It creates two entries into the kitchen, but it's annoying. That's why the table is right next to the couch and two of the four chairs are useless.

The kitchen, and the kithen cow. I love my coffee maker and my toaster oven.

My bedroom. Also bare. Except for that tiny little shelf and the wire candle holder above it.

My windowsill. I keep books there. And my peacock stained glass wall hanging.

The bathroom. I have a shower curtain with fish on it. They have googly eyes.

The extra bedroom. Which is really just floor space to hold all the things we don't have closet space for. Also, most of CS's clothing. He never wears it, so it's rather useless to hang it up. At least, that's my explaination for why we've lived here for four months and it's still in bags.

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