Monday, November 19, 2007

Sweet Potato Makes Me Cry!

Go read this.

Ok, you're back now? Was that not the funniest thing you've read? I laugh until I cry when I read that, every time. Maybe it's because I have my own Sweet Potato Thief in Huntykins. I can relate. I read it during Advisory today, and one of my student's saw me and asked me what I was doing. She wasn't amused by my answer. But who cares. She was tardy today.

I just have to get through some Springboard online testing tomorrow, and then I'm home free! I'm so excited! I have so much I want to do, and so little time. Christmas break is going to be well appreciated. That will be 10 days of un-interrupted goofing off. I'll probably be broke broke at the end, but it will be a good time! This is why I have a savings account, and I know how to use it. And I'm talking about mine, not CS's. He has his own. I may or may not control it with an iron fist (if you ask him) but it's for his own good. I can't help it if I'm good with money. It's part of my make-up. Right next to the gene that demands I collect useless things, like empty wine bottles for an unforeseen reason. I'm pretty sure that it's not going to go away, this compelling desire to save, save, save. It's only going to get worse. Honestly, is that such a bad thing? I'm never going to be like my grandparents, and scrimp and worry about spending any money. But I'm also not going to be like my father, who spends like it's literally going to burn up if it's not out of his hands in mere minutes. I want to have a decent amount available at all times. An "In Case of Emergency and There is No Other Option" fund. Before I moved, I was saving up to move. Now, I'm saving up "Just in Case." In case something happens and CS can't work and we need to pay bills. In case I need to fly somewhere in short notice. CS may make good money at his job, but holidays and bad weather mean nada moolah for us. And we have BILLS, BILLS, BILLS. Destiny's Child ain't got shit on us. Between my loans, his truck, and our rent, we make it alright. But it'd be easy to be struggling. Like they say, "You make more, you spend more." Although, Lord knows what we spend it on. It's not like Hobbs offers us a whole lot of options. New Mexico is so Enchanting that I drive to Texas for cleaning supplies.

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