Wednesday, January 03, 2007

2006 Continued


Earlier that day, JBelle and I sat on the floor in the kitchen with towels and ate a lot of watermelon. We're cool rebels like that.

The Annual Trip To The Zoo. This is an Uncle K and I tradition that we started right before I left for college. Uncle K and I hadn't spent much time together before that due to my dad but we started again that year and it's been our thing ever since. And now that JBelle is around, she's going to join in on the fun. The Tradition Of The Niece!

This is Abely Tably in his Senior Picture. I'm so glad he graduated! Now please go to college.


How most of the early summer was spent.


And then we put the pool up. You'd think this means I am one tan babe, but if you look in the background you can clearly see the huge rain clouds in the sky. Maybe we had a wonderful, wet, green summer but I'm not tan so I don't care.


Highlights of August: I turned 23 on the 23rd so this was my Golden Birthday. I spent it working at the bar (another highlight! Cash!). I also met my boyfriend, BB, there. Oh, and I cut my hair. Technically I cut my hair in September, but it really needed it in August.


These are balloons from BB, who owns Big O. JBelle likes balloons. Well, she really liked the "geen one".

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