Monday, January 29, 2007

I'm A Celebrity!

I'm back from Toledo and missing it like whoa. I want to write down each day for my own records. Well, that and I don't want to post some sad, inadequate post about how much I miss being there.

Friday: I love direct flights. Now that I've had two trips of direct flights, I never want to stop mid-flight again. I arrived in Detroit about 15 minutes early. Thus preventing Sally from getting to the baggage claim, or even the airport, before I had my bags and was waiting outside. She had some grand scheme of pictures taken while I descended the stairs, just like a princess or something. Once that was ruined, we loaded my heavy bag into the car and hugged awkwardly because when you're parked in the no parking zone at the airport, you feel like you must hurry, hurry, hurry or they are going to cart you away and impound your car.

Sally had a fever, so she felt awful on the drive from Detroit to Toledo. But then she took meds and the drive down to Columbus was so lovely and chatty. But also long, and the gas gauge kept dropping at an alarming rate. We finally arrived at dinner, Moretti's, where Sarah, Hallie, and Allison were waiting. They didn't even eat bread until we go there. That's how nice they are. We quickly ordered a bottle of wine, ate some bread, and ordered our food. The wine was good, a second bottle was ordered and the first bottle was given to the "wine man" who walked around the kitchen for the rest of the evening trying to make the whistle sound out of the bottle top. He succeeded!

After dinner, Sarah, Sally, Hallie, and I went out on High Street. And we had a good time. How good a time, I can't really say. There were martini's, crowded law school bar, a sketchy looking place called the Beer Stuebe, a helmet, face licking, cab ride, chips, and a conversation on IM about pickles. And then three girls passed out in a full sized bed. It was a good night. With a morning made so much better by Tim Horton's TimBits.

Saturday: After my Timbit fix, I laid around with Sarah watching the Food Network before meeting Kirstin, Krista, and Liz at Sheridan's. Which was closed! Damn them. So we went to Camille's for lunch and sat around for a few hours catching up. Then there was a mad dash to Delaware for the Yarn Store, which was closed. So we drove back to Toledo so we could have enough time to have dinner and get dressed before the party at the Blarney. The place was packed. A band was playing some great Irish songs, and many drinks were being consummed by me. The night ended with a trip to McDonalds. A place I have avoided since the last time I was in Toledo, starving in the middle of the night, about four years ago.

Sunday : I slept till noon. Took a walk with Sally and Bilge, the Prince. Went to a coffee shop so Sally could research. Read a book, tried to watch Grey's online but it kept freezing since I was steeling 2 much bandwidth. Then there was yummy Jane and Tom dinner and TV watching. I may be addicted to What About Brian now.

Monday: Slept till 10, while Sally went to work, the poor dear. Camille picked me up so we could have lunch at University of Toledo. I discovered that all Universities get rice from the same place. And U of T is of such high caliber that they have University of Toledo water glasses and forks. After a lovely U of T lunch, I went to the yarn store with Jane. Which is the whole reason I came to Toledo, like I told that nice boy at the bar on Saturday. He didn't believe me. I bought a lot of yarn, I spent a lot of money. We went to a coffee shop right next door and waited for Sally to get back from class. She had a waffle there. It was awesome. That evening, I began Rehab. The silent type. But I had yarn, so it's ok.

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