Friday, January 12, 2007

Biting The Blogger Bullet

I switched over to the new version of Blogger. I'm disappointed that it did not make a difference to my screen with Safari. Come on, Google. You wanna be the best? Then help out the Mac users.

It's snowing here again. I thought that this would make 3 storms in 3 weeks, but apparently it's the 4th storm in as many weeks. My mind has been rendered useless by all the white stuff. Actually, if the storms would choose to come during the week rather than every weekend, I wouldn't mind. If it's snowing during the week, I only have three destinations I need to be able to get to. Home, work, BB's house. But the weekend has many more options and if it's snowing I am severely chastised for attempting to use my 4-wheel drive. Actually, I try to only use two-wheel drive most of the time because 4-wheel eats up my gas and we can make it up that hill, down the street, or out of the driveway without it in most cases. And as long as I don't actually hit the mailbox, I'm ok with sliding all over our road. I have an SUV, I am wasting it if I'm not using it! Sure, you can slide all over the road in a car. But you don't have the little 4-wheel drive button to turn on when your front wheels are stuck on top of that drift of snowy ice you ran up to see if you could crush it, or a V-6 engine to help you get past that person who is going 20 miles an hour in the fast lane. (But maybe your car has a rear windshield wiper that works or you can go 400 miles on a tank of gas, shut your face.) Plus, in Colorado we don't tolerate the liberal salting of the roads like the East does. And we have a really hard time plowing the roads in a timely manner, or ever.

Apparently, this was National Delurking week (was it really National? or do I just like the way it sounds?) and I commented on two blogs! Maybe I'll make it a regular thing, posting comments. It's kind of nice to get comments. But really hard to leave them.

New pic for the profile. I look toothless in the previous one. And I didn't get 14 teeth pulled and have two years of (torture) braces to look toothless on the Internet.


Cagey said...

I was also disappointed that Blogger snubbed Safari YET AGAIN. I do use a PC as well and have noticed great strides there, but damn - what about Mac users?

merry said...

Yikes - 14 teeth pulled! How do you have any left?

I fortunately did not need teeth pulled prior to getting braces, but I guess I can thank the six years of orthodontic torture devices expanding my palate (prior to getting braces) for that!