Wednesday, January 03, 2007

2006 Extended

For Halloween, I wore my mother's old costume from Pinky's. I wore an apron at work, so it wasn't until I walked away from someone that they saw I essentially had no pants on, and boy were the looks on their faces fun!

In October, Duncan Donuts came to visit me! She made brownies, but I doubt Kate ate them. I bet Jack did though!

Here we are on a romantic picnic at the winery. They aren't allowed to serve you a glass in their tasting room, but they will allow you to buy a bottle, open it for you, and give you glasses, as long as you drink it outside. You should see the pictures after the bottle was empty!

I was left alone for two whole weeks while my mom went to visit fam and friends in OK. During that time, I learned that the dogs are perfectly behaved when left alone inside, and that JBelle does know her ABC's she is just using that as leverage to goad me.

There are no pictures of December because my camera is broken. This is a terrible shame. And will be remedied soon.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you posted! And I love the year in review. One day when I figure out how to post more than one picture I'll do the same. Only I'll have to start with June because my computer with all the pretty pictures was stolen and as of now my life begins at June 2006.

Anonymous said...

hey! it was my golden birthday this year too, and the same day to boot, in october, 23 on the 23rd! go us! --smottney