Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Things I Did Not Say This Morning

"OMG, real bloggers left me comments!"

No, I did not say that.

I also did not forget my Christmas present from K, even though it was right next to me all night.

Oh, no. I would never forget something that I've wanted for months!

"I almost got stuck in a ditch!"

It was not my fault.

psst. All of this is true.

Despite being stood up for the second time this weekend, I had a great time in Denver on Monday. I discovered that I am a size 4, not a size 6, according to Gap. But later I was told that I can't wear Gap jeans, so perhaps it doesn't matter. I also have love handles on my thighs that will never go away, no matter what size I'm wearing. I also have them on my hips and back. They too will never go away. Unless I try the "anorexic look" and I don't know how good I'd look with that. I'll keep my squishy parts, thank you very much.

I know I've been bitching about the snow here, but I have to retract all that. I'm glad that we don't have as much snow as Denver does. While the main streets are clear of snow, the neighborhoods are a mess. There are huge piles of snow from the plows lining the streets. Yards have two and a half feet of snow covering them. The roads have "ice pot holes" from where the snow have been compacted into ridges that no plow can sweep off. We got off easy with our foot of snow and a few warm days to melt the ice.

But I am so excited to move to Denver next month! Even if the storms are going to last until April, like some are saying! Remember Laura Ingalls Wilder and "The Long Winter"? It's gonna be just like that. Dear Lord, let "the people" be wrong.

The move to Denver in February is looking more and more logical. I have a job option for an insurance company due to knowing people who already work there and a possible roommate who has a dog so that I won't need to feel guilty about taking Hunter away from Emma. He'd rather wrestle all day and Emma doesn't, and his voice is kind of hoarse from barking at her all day in protest anyways. He's obnoxious like that. It comes in handy though, because JBelle has discovered he will bark at her and she has spent many an evening on top of the stool in the kitchen saying "Hey Huntur, come here and bourk at me! (to me) Hey, say Huntur!"

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