Wednesday, January 03, 2007


I've been struggling with deciding on what kind of post to do about 2006. I don't really feel like doing a little survey one because they are long and predictable and they always ask about one night stands as if those are something needs to post on the internet to various strangers. Hi, I'm a whore! No, really. Ask some of my friends.

And I'd like to do a photo recap, even though I hate most of the photos since I've lost so much weight this year and also it's a lot of work to find those photos, email them, and post them here.

Eh, oh well! I'll do it anyways!

This was New Year's Day. I spent New Year's Eve with Jo and Heidi at a party in Denver.

This photo is the return of JBelle to our lives. She was missing over Christmas due to the male ego of my brother. I'm just glad she's back!


Annushka came to visit me for the first time ever! This day was a cold, snowy, dark day and it may be one of my favorite days of all time. There is something about hanging out in a river, on the side of a mountain, in 22 degree weather with your best friend. Who may or may not have a rock in her ear.

We went to a bar. They probably served us beer.


I needed something to cheer me up in anticipation of Annushka leaving me. So I planned a trip to DC with Duncan Donuts over her spring break.

I love DC.


She's speaking Monster.

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