Sunday, January 21, 2007

Posted Now Because Blogger Hated Me On Thursday Night

My bag is partially packed and taking up most of the hallway. The clean clothes are thrown on top of the bag. More clean clothes (whites) are in the dryer. Toiletries are scattered all over the house. I'm still unsure about if I packed enough and will I have space to bring back all the things I'm going to buy. Not that yarn takes up a whole lot of space. But I don't want to have to board the plane on my way back looking like this:

It's quite a dashing look, don't you think? I just don't think I'd be very comfortable in my seat for the three hour trip. Plus, my return flight leaves at 6:30 in the morning and I am staying an hour from the airport. I don't know if I could put that much clothing on at 4 AM. I'm under the impression that staying up all night before my flight is a good idea. I also stay up till 4 on a regular basis, so perhaps I am alone in my brilliant plan. I forget that I have a pilot to fly me back home while Sally will only have herself to co-pilot with. Well, at least she has an ipod.

Oh, the thought of the unpacked bag and the impending traveling is making me anxious and excited. In college, the week before breaks I would have dreams where I would suddenly realize that I had to leave for the airport right away and I would simply start throwing clothes into a bag and hope that I had enough time to get to the airport. Usually, I didn't succeed. I haven't had any of those dreams this week, fortunately. I usually fret most of the way to the airport, through check-in, and past security, until I get to the gate and am reassured that the plane hasn't left without me. Only then do I feel safe to go get coffee or breakfast. Which is stupid because I always get the gate that is furthest away from the Starbucks and i have to walk half a mile to get there. My fear, so logical it is. It's silly that I stress over my plane leaving but yet I will abandon my seat in Detroit so Sally can pick me up and drive me to Columbus rather than stick with the regulations laid out in my contract with the airline, thus jepordizing my return flight and almost having to purchase a new ticket. Oh no, that doesn't stress me in the least bit.

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