Tuesday, January 30, 2007

That Other Post Was Getting Long

If you want to read Part One of my trip to Ohio, go here.

Tuesday: I can't remember Tuesday morning. I think I slept in. Till 10. I met Sally for lunch at Tony Packo's, the non-glitzy one since it was closer. She also showed me the house her boss is building. I know, how awesome! Then more rehab in the evening so she could finally finish the paper! Which she did.

Wednesday: This morning I got up early so I could be ready in time for a quick trip through Sally's office before lunch at the yatch club with Jane, and the g-rents, and all their friends. Most of these friends are in their late 80's and early 90's. It was the most entertaining lunch I have ever been to. One woman, Naomi, showed up about an hour late. She said it was because she was worried about the snow and getting back up her driveway. Her friend told her to "Just gun it!" Naomi won't reveal her age, but she did say that the next week would be her 68th wedding anniversary. So Rose asked her how old she was when she got married, and Naomi said "Old enough to know better." They were a dynamic group!

After lunch, Sally and I finally accomplished something we do so well. Shopping. We didn't get crazy shopping, since we were going to go to Ann Arbor the next day for Outlet shopping. Although I did buy two corsets and Sally bought one. We also went into a little photo booth, hoping that we were going to take the little black and white photos on a strip. Instead, we got some wackjob computer artist who sketched us out in pixels. He kept saying stupid things too, like "Oh my, are you a model" and "oops, let me just erase that." But we did get a really fab printout for all our suffering.

Thursday: Thursday morning, we got up early (9) to get ready for the drive to Ann Arbor. Once we got our Timbits fix and TimmyHo's coffee (omg, did I not know coffee from TimmyHo's was amazing when I was at school?) we trekked into Michigan for some deals. And we spent a lot of money. But we got some cute stuff. For example: J Crew embossed beach dress, rainboots (that are not DG even if they have anchors on them, thank you very much), Banana shoes, Banana skirt, sweaters, and lord knows what else. After spending so much money, we went to AA to see where Sally is going to do her Teaching Thing. It was freezing there, but we found a Starbucks. Apparently, so had everyone else in Ann Arbor. Two story Starbucks, and nowhere to sit! We finally snagged a table and had some good Coffee Shop Talk.

Thursday night was a trip to Doc Watsons for med/law/nurse school night out. Unfortunately, I did not find a husband there. It must have been my terrible skills at pool. After we left the bar, we took Ben home. And since Nick was in bed sleeping, we decided that jumping on him would be a good idea. I backed out at the last possible second and let Ben take on Nick because in my experience with men and sleeping, someone's gonna get a black eye. Fortunately, no one got a black eye but somehow all four of us ended up in bed together. At least Nick was wearing pants.

Friday: Slept till 12:30. Watched a few hours of DVR'ed TV. Went for a long walk. In a knitted hat with bear ears. And puppet mittens. We made sloppy joes for dinner, just like we used to do at OWU. No green beans from a can though. After dinner, Sally and I tried to stay awake but we ended up falling asleep on the couch, while wearing our knitted hats.

Saturday: Woke up at 4 AM. Dragged my stuffed to the gills bag down the stairs. Went to Timmy Ho's. Coffee and a ten-pack, my love! Drove to MI and at the airport I was informed that my bag was four pounds too heavy, so I removed a jacket and she said she "would take it at 52." That's right, biotch.

I still miss being there.

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