Monday, January 08, 2007

"Hi, We Need You To Come Back Because We Left A Wrench Under Your Car"

I finally got my oil changed today. I was seriously overdue for one. You'd think dating someone who owes a tire/vehicle repair shop would make me a little paranoid about taking care of my car. Instead, I've actually stopped caring because if BB isn't worried then why should I! (There are numerous reasons why, I won't go into depth.)

Anyways, after I picked up my car, Big O called me back to ask that I stop by because they left a wrench or something under my car. I already have to go back there to actually pay for what they did (oil change and something to my transmission, I don't ask questions I just do what the boy tells me) since when I picked it up, BB wasn't there and I was told to work it out with him. Since I'm "special". I'd also really like to wear my Big O sweatshirt there, wait around for someone to ask me for help and be able to say "No, I don't work here. I'm just an advertisement."

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