Thursday, January 04, 2007

Here, Have A Pretzel!

Photo blogging is addicting! Right now, when I have no photos to post because I'm on a work computer and not a personal one with 2,453 photos at my disposal, I am feeling very limited in blogging.

Also, I made a fatal mistake in saying "I have a blog" in front of a bunch of people and the sounds of despair were clearly audible. Sure, there are a lot of lame blogs. Most of the people with lame blogs don't actually post all that often. Or they do, thus the lameness. (Not that I am an incredibly cool blogger. But I'm cute and smart, so I don't care!)

fortunately, I didn't give out my blog address or I would have to start a new one. Which would be a shame because I'm very fond of my blog name and I don't think I could come up with a better one. I adore the bar boys, but I do not want them to read this. See, they think I'm kind of cool. And I don't want to blow that by knowing that they read my blawwwg and "God, she's obsessed with her niece."

Maybe I should put Hunter on here to balance out the obsession!

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