Friday, January 23, 2009

Big Trouble, Mister.

Hunter and I tried to play this evening and he turned into ATTACK SPIDER DOG and ripped my pants and clawed my leg. Am still mad at him because it hurts like a mofo.

Jacob likes to pinch me when he's excited. This hurts, as well. I clipped his nails tonight in an attempt to decrease the amount of bleeding scratches on his head. Maybe it will help me.

My left index finger is in terrible pain. I got a paper cut a few days ago and instead of healing right up, it's decided to get infected under the skin and cause all sorts of trouble. Typing hurts, so does putting on a diaper, picking up objects, and touching just about everything. I plan on bandaging it with some medical goo.

It is no longer warm out, and I tried to dress for the warm weather today. It was 26 degrees when I got in the car this evening to come home. Thanks, Colorado. I just started to like you again.

I should be in bed but Bridget Jones is on and I can't help watching it.

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