Friday, January 16, 2009

It's Your Lucky Day

It's hard to believe that CS is leaving tomorrow for Mississippi. Mostly because he never pre-packs, except for that one bag he packed over a week ago and has been causing me grief every day because it takes up valuable floor space in a teeny tiny room. I will be glad the bag is gone, but not the owner of the bag and it's content. Six weeks apart is a lot longer than a week. Of course, I won't be alone. Although my mom is going to be in school two nights a week and working late on night so I will have at least three days of Jess and Jacob: ALL DAY LONG AND INTO THE NIGHT. I'm thinking that maybe I should move in with CS's parents now because while my mom loves Jacob and helps me a lot, his mom would totally take over every aspect of childcare if I wanted her to.

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