Tuesday, January 13, 2009


So CS got a job in Mississippi. (Remember the rhyme? I've been saying it all day.) It's for a company that builds ships for the Navy and it pays well and it's not a temporary job. He's supposed to be there on Monday for training and I hope that it's for real. Not like the other company he talked to last week that told him he had a job but then disappeared on the details. But it seems to be a legitimate deal. We have rate of pay, name of the town he'd work in, dates for training, etc. I'm not sure how living in Mississippi will be, but it's on the gulf coast. Like on the BEACH. Obviously, since he's building boats. This means Jacob is going to grow up with a Southern accent. How gosh darn cute is that?

CS will be leaving this weekend but I will be staying behind with baby boy until he finds a place to live and we have money for said place to live. I'll probably fly out, rather than attempt a 22 hour drive with a five month old. I am not insane. Nor do I want to drive myself crazy. I'm not liking the logistics that moving will entail. Getting time off for a new company is hard, not to mention moving everything from CO to MS but it will work. It has to.

So I'll be around. Playing the single parent gig while CS lives like a bachelor, sleeping in the bed of his truck. Who'd of thought that this would be life.

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