Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Just A Day

I'm beginning to feel like I need a large break. And by large, I mean about three hours of alone time. No nursing, no rocking, no asking CS if he has a job. Of course, if I actually got this, I would spend my time thinking about how Jacob is doing. Nor could I actually do it since he nurses every two hours and if I left CS with Jacob alone, I suspect I could have thirty minutes of alone time before CS was calling me to tell me to come back because Jacob is cry. Since I can't even take a shower without CS having to sit on the bed and let Jacob watch me get my make up on and get dressed. I'm not tired, and I'm not sick of playing with him. I'm just a little worn out and I need some time to be by myself. I can't blame the weather, since it's been crazy nice here. I just haven't spend anytime outside. I blame the incessant wind, it's annoying and Jacob still won't breathe when it's windy so walks would just make him cry. I'm out of crafts to make, don't have money to go shopping, can't bake anything because we have enough sweets. I don't want to go sit in someone else's house and let them take the baby.

Huh, I totally need a nanny.

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