Friday, January 23, 2009

Totally Beat Down By Karma

So I decided to take a bath while the boy slept this morning. I put him in bed and ran the water for a bath. I turned on the monitor just in case he woke up and started squalling, but as I settled myself into the bubbles I was thinking about how many mom's talk about how they don't get showers or time to brush their teeth. And here I was, in a bath, thinking that this mommy gig isn't so hard. You just have to time it right! Why can't they take time out and relax while the baby is sleeping? Cake, I tell you.

And then, (of course) over the monitor came the sound of a baby crying. And not just sleep noises, but "HEY, I am AWAKE NOW. Come and get me, I do not like being in bed." So I had to pull myself out of the water and put my bubble covered body into a robe and drip down the hall to attempt a pacifier and cuddle before placing him back down. But it didn't work. Those blue eyes were open and he planned on keeping it that way for a while.

So I dragged his ocean playmat into the bathroom and finished my bath. He wasn't screaming bloody murder while I shaved my legs, but he wasn't exactly happy about being in there. I would have brought him in with me, but I didn't grab the Vaseline when I came back in and he needs that for the cradle cap and I didn't feel like getting out again. Plus, he'd smell like Bath and Body Peony. Fine by me, but I'm sure his father would object.

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