Sunday, January 04, 2009

Vacation For Two

Jacob and I went to visit friends in Denver this week. We also got stranded for an extra day because it started snowing on one side of Denver and we couldn't leave. We probably could have made it, but I have no four wheel drive (because it BROKE), Jacob was screaming to get out of his seat because we were only going five miles an hour and he thought we were stopped, and every single lane was packed with cars trying to get out of town with no end in sight. So I turned around and went back to the snowless part of town and felt stupid because I didn't feel confident to drive home with my baby. My accident two years ago doesn't help me feel confident but mostly it was because my car is broken and it was getting dark. Also, I forgot Jacob's coat at home.

However, we did get to go to the Aquarium with my brother and his wife. He likes to watch fish. And when the parrots in the South American exhibit squawk, Jacob thinks they are talking to him and he talks back. The stingray pool freaked him out a little bit, I don't think he understood what we were doing with our hands in the water and why he kept getting splashed. We got to feed them, which is weird because you stick a little frozen fish in your knuckle and put your hand underwater and wait for a stingray to come up and suck your fist into it's mouth. After that, we used a lot of sanitizer.

But now we are home, after a cautious trip down the highway. Jacob slept the whole way home, and even took more naps today. I think he's making up for the past two weeks. I am completely on board with this. Even though I love his delirious laughing when I tickle his neck and say his name.

PS. Jacob LOVED the mall. Someday, when I have money, I plan on going back.

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