Monday, January 12, 2009

The Falling White Stuff

It's snowing again. It snowed last week. And the week before that. I wanted to go to town and get some fresh fruit and stop by a friends to pick up some toys for Jacob but since the car has decided that 4 wheel drive is not necessary, I can't go anywhere besides the other room. I'm not going stir crazy, I just like to have something different to do each day that does not involve a couch or TV or computer. Snow days thwart me. I even allowed myself to put on sweatpants after the shower. However, the baby is not wearing socks, which is a gigantic FAIL. He's clean though!

Actually, I have a lot of people to call today. The cable company from Arizona because they claim I owe them money. the hearing test office who wants to know why I haven't paid them, ever. (Because Cobra just now got our fax about adding Jacob to the policy so now they have to process the claims.) The hospital who thinks that I need to pay them over five hundred dollars right now, which HAHAHAHA. NO. They even sent me a letter stating that I might be in the process of being sent to an outside collections company if I don't pay in full. Sure. Go ahead. I have no money and I have no income. Maybe you can just wait for the monthly payment.

Of course, if CS doesn't get a job this week, wait, TOMORROW, then who knows. Someday we will have money again. Just not anytime soon. Technically, he has a job. He talked to a man last week who told him that they needed him and he just had to get the details and CS would be off to Texas for a job that pays over twenty five an hour plus per diem. And we're still waiting on the details. I hate how they just let people hang, I've heard that they will eventually call with the details but I've yet to see it. So far, I've only seen CS waiting for a call. But no actual calls. I'm not allowed to comment on that though. Apparently, I'm pessimistic for thinking that way. I think I'm being realistic. If they don't tell you to come down right now, then they probably won't call you anytime soon to tell you that you have a job. So you might as well start looking for another one right away. Construction is bullshit.

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