Monday, January 05, 2009


Jacob thought that the wrapping paper was a suitable gift. I'm ok with just wrapping up boxes of paper for him next year. As long as he doesn't eat it. Like the napkin he stuffed into his maw the other night at dinner.

He's four months now, and he has two teeth. He can scoot his body around in a circle by lifting his butt in the air. He's working on pushing himself forward when he's on his stomach. When laying under his jungle gym, he can hold onto the toys that hang down and he likes to watch himself in the mirror. He has a screechy little yell when he's excited or mad. He coos to himself before falling asleep. He likes to sit on the couch and play with his toys rather than be held all the time. He stuck his lip out and made it quiver when he thought someone was going to take me away from him. And finally, he bit the boob with those sharp teeth and made me yell.

I see a defiant little boy ahead of me. No one gets lucky enough to have an easy pregnancy, easy birth, easy newborn, and easy going baby.

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