Sunday, January 25, 2009

Naps. Or Lack There Of.

Jacob is striking out to be a busy little boy during the day. He's always been a sleep fighter. From the time he was two weeks old, he's fight going to sleep, wailing unnaturally in the evenings. I think it was because he slept SO MUCH during the day that he got mad in the evening because he didn't want to sleep! He wanted to look around! Do things! Sleep is for babies! But yet he was just a little newborn and he needed to sleep. He's been a pretty regular boy since then, sleeping from 10 to 4 and waking to nurse but going right back to sleep before waking at 9. After that, he plays for an hour before taking an hour nap. Then he wakes and we play for two hours, then an hour nap. Repeat until bedtime.

But now! He is only happy sleeping on his side during the day. Naps are an hour, maybe more or less. He grumbles in his sleep when I put him down, fighting to let himself sleep deeper. He wants to sleep on my lap, with the boob in his mouth. I've put an end to sleeping on me, but then I go to CS's parents and Grandma lets him sleep on her. He's realized that there are other places to go besides the living room and he would like to see them, daily. Not nap, Mama.

However, I have vampire books to read! So we might be cutting out the multiple nap times and instead go with two two hour naps instead. And I'd also like him to put himself to sleep. Ok, Jacob? Thanks, love you, Mama.

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