Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday

I went to bed at midnight last night and my alarm went off at 3:45 AM. I got ready in five minutes from the stack of clothes I set out before bed, grabbed my new Starbucks re-usable mug and got in the car. I felt pretty out of it when I got on the road but luckily my co-shopper had her car warmed up and ready to go.

We got to Target around 5 AM, snagging a good parking spot and the last cart in the cart bay. There were tons of people in line but very few wandering around. I've never been shopping on a Black Friday, so I was really disappointed to find out that only certain things are one sale and almost everything else is full price. I did find a good deal on some Cars cars for Jacob, a steal for $20 when you consider that one Car retails for $4.99 and I got 9 of them! I also did an impulse for CS's present but I know he's going to like it! I found an adorable set of pajamas for me but I was a big dummy and didn't check the size and ended up with an XL. TOO BIG! So I have to take them back and I know I won't get the super cute pair I want so I have to settle for something less cute. Biggest blunder of the day!

The rest of the day was fine, although places started to get busy as the morning passed. Our longest wait time was at Eddie Baeur, of all places!

We got home around 1 and Jacob and I took a nap on the couch together. I have no plans to go next year, although I'm bummed that I did not manage to get any 500 thread count sheets for $20.

Tomorrow morning I am going to update my Etsy shop with a few new things, I hope you like them!

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