Thursday, November 04, 2010

How Do You Like It?

I got a new coffee mug at church this week. We had a guest speaker on Sunday and while he spoke, he showed up how he makes pottery on a wheel. It was really amazing to watch! I took pottery classes when I was in high school and I was able to make a few really cool pieces. I would love to be able to do that again, but I don't know of anyone in town who offers studio time for something like that. So since I can't make my own cups, I thought I would buy one of his to help support his ministry and look pretty on my desk. I drink at least a cup of tea a day now that it's chilly out. Although today was really nice and I wish I could have spend more time outside!

Anyways, back to my new cup. I don't think I can microwave it and I rarely ever fill the teapot up with water for tea. I should but it's so much quicker to hit a few buttons. So I decided to drag the coffeemaker from the closet and brew a (half) pot of coffee. I am also out of coffee filters so I use a paper towel. It's classy up in here! I like sugar in the raw with my tea, and no I do not like to substitute white sugar. I would be one of those annoying people at a coffee shop asking for sugar in the raw from the barista if they were out. A friend of mine told me that sugar in the raw people are the most obnoxious about it when she worked at Starbucks.

Action shot! Oooooo. I had to take two, actually.

Then I pour in cream, something that most "true" coffee people think is all kinds of wrong. I can drink coffee with just sugar but I need it to be a very dark roast and preferably Starbucks brand. I only learned to like it that way because a friend of mine drank hers with just sugar and the only milk she had was 1% (also, I cannot drink milk that is less than 2%, gross!) and it's like adding milky water to coffee.

So I like my coffee sweet and full of cream. How about you?

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Kendra said...

decaf, sweet and light, sometimes a shot of amaretto.