Saturday, November 13, 2010


I made the first version this bag a few months ago at a little sewing get together that Randi held. I just used some fabric from Walmart along with a few scraps I had in my stash. I liked it but it wasn't really bright enough for me. (Black and white, with pink inside.)

So when I got this striped medium weight fabric from Ikea, I knew I should make a bag. I wasn't sure what I could match with it though.
Luckily, Randi was around to help point me to some fabric that would match and I love the results. This time around, I made the front pocket taller and turned it into three pockets instead of two. I can put my phone in one, keys in one and a sippy cup in one.

I wish I would have made a big pocket in the inside, instead of two small ones, since I'd love a space to keep my wallet secure.
I'm having terrible trouble with my pictures coming out true to life with this winter light. Blue tones look terrible. But baby pictures still look good, even though I used the flash.

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Kendra said...

Your bag is cute, I love the baby, and maybe you will get better with the camera, with lessons...