Friday, November 05, 2010

Little Boy Blue

Baby quilts are very fun to make! I wish it was as quick to make a full size quilt as a baby one so maybe I could put my stack of quilt strips together and have a new quilt for winter this weekend.
I based this one around Alexander Henry's 2D Zoo. I originally planned to do the whole thing with the quilted boxes but it looked way to busy so I made the boxes be a border and added some white in the middle. I had terrible trouble with my free motion quilting, I finally switched needles and things were a lot smoother. However, I left the feed dogs up the whole time so that might have been why my thread kept breaking! Live and learn.

I tried to take these photos in the evening, without flash, and all the pictures of the full quilt came out too dark. But I really love the binding on this. Stripes are so fun to use for binding up a quilt! I'm going to make Jacob a quilt just like this one, as soon as I finish up all my other projects.


randi said...

super cute! i love how this one came out!

Kendra said...

Nice job girl, I want to see the whole thing, see you in a little bit.