Sunday, November 21, 2010


Jacob is at the age when he says things that are so awesome and if we don't write them down, we will never remember half of them. I'm having mini panic attacks over the fact that we almost never record him and I know I'm going to be sad to not have his little voice to listen to when he's grown. I guess this is a good reason to invest in a Flip camera, right?

Fik it! (Fix it)
Memma ( Emma)
Dapper (diaper)
Sthcooby Doo
fpeet (feet)
Queen (McQueen)
Street! (Sesame Street)

He is obsessed with the movie Cars and even more in awe of Scooby Doo, thanks to weekends at Gramma's with Jayden. He likes to play outside with the "kids" and his best friend is a little girl named Kendra (Chendra). He would prefer to go to sleep in our bed but he can usually sleep in his crib the whole night. He pretends to sneeze and says "thank you, welcome" when you give him something. He loves Lady Gaga's Bad Romance and asks for Gaga every time go somewhere.

Having a toddler is awesome.

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Kendra said...

How about "watch it","gahma" and "copper"