Sunday, November 07, 2010


Jacob has pretty much abandoned me and CS this weekend in favor of spending time with Jayden. He's doing and saying everything she can. It's terribly cute.

Last night, Jayden was moaning in the backseat of the car about her tummy hurting, so Jacob starts saying "tummy...huuuurt." They were both fine. But I did give Jayden a plastic bag just in case.

I have tons of cousins on my dad's side of the family. Over twenty kids, at least. On my mom's side, we have four. Two of them live in the Midwest so we saw them very rarely. And the other two are are much younger than me, so playing with them wasn't as fun. Jayden is a lot older than Jacob but they are so cute together. She's really come a long way from the mean only grandchild to a very patient cousin. I only wish that Carter could be here to play as well. I think Jacob is doomed to being the much older cousin on CS's side of the family and I don't see anyone else having a baby soon on my side of the family.

Sorry, Jacob. You will never know the craziness of summering with 20 cousins.

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Kendra said...

Do you remember the time that everyone came to Colorado, Denise and Pat, Shari's girls, Ann Marie and her children....crazyness but oh so fun. Family and cousins are great. You made those islans and the water going through the skyfort area such a fun memory.