Sunday, November 16, 2008

Almost A Flop

This post is brought to you by a round about way. I am ready for bed. I went into the bedroom, prepared to get into bed. I put my cell phone on the night stand and realized that I don't have a cloth diaper there so I had to go out into the living room where I left the stack of fresh diapers. When I grabbed one, I remembered the post Alexa from Flotsam put up about going out and buying packages of cloth diapers because her commentors told her that was crucial to baby rearing. And then I remembered that I have a blog, and I have to post one today or I lose.

So I don't lose!

CS left for North Carolina this morning and he got there late tonight. I wish I could have gone with him, as I've never been to NC but that's not an option when the company flies you out. And he shares a hotel room with a co-worker. Life on the road is not family friendly. I miss him already.

Although, chances are, that if I was in NC? I'd probably rent a car and drive to Ohio. Because I miss it!

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Duncan Donuts said...

I wish you could!!